Everyone wants to learn how to make Facebook avatar stickers. Hmm! So everyone loves stickers right. A sticker is a detailed illustration of characters (cartoons, smiley-like “emojis” etc) that represents a feeling, action, or emotion. This has now made it easy and a faster way to communicate and express feelings easier through chatting for some people.


SMS: How to Make Facebook Avatar Stickers

Facebook avatars and stickers is a powerful differentiator for Facebook in the sea of messaging apps. Since SMS is dying out, many people prefer sending messages across through different online methods. And a company that`ll claim the text-messaging throne could be heir to a ton of traffic.

How Facebook Sticker Started

Facebook product designer and art director Sophie Xie, who started initiating the Facebook sticker at Hackathon left the company. She had only been with Facebook since 2012 but her departure was a significant loss for the company. Since she decided to work on a bespoke hyper-local location app.

Facebook sticker packs have always been free, even though many other messaging apps like Path do, Line, etc. sell sticker packs. Instead Facebook creates stickers and brands them to a company relating to the packs, just like the new Despicable Me 2 film which was branded and sponsored by Universal Studios.

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Facebook free sticker ideas were to create more visual communication tools to make users stay with Facebook Messages and Web rather than choosing other platforms like Twitter, Google Hangouts, Google Messenger, and Google Talk (Gchat), BBM, and many more.

How to use Facebook Avatar in Messenger

How to Make Facebook Avatar Stickers

Facebook Avatar can be added to stickers and can be placed in Stories, comments, and more on the Facebook platform.

I got this message yesterday “How do I add Facebook new Avatar to a post or photo on Facebook or in my messenger app?” from different friends on my Whatsapp group and decided to write about it.

To use Facebook stickers follow the guide below:

How to make Facebook Avatar Stickers for Stories

Step #1 & #2:

After entering the details in the “What`s on your mind” field on Facebook stories, tap on “Stickers” at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step #3:

Tap on any avatar sticker of your choice to add it to your post.

Note: These screenshots are captured on Facebook Application in iOS.

From step 3, you can customize your Facebook avatar image size, rotate or drag the sticker around the screen to best fit your post. Note that you can always edit your Avatar to change how it looks on the stickers.

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How to make Facebook Avatar Stickers for Comments

Step #1: On comment, below a post, tap “Comment”.

Step #2: Tap on the smiling face icon at the right section of “Write a comment”

Step #3: Tap on the small Facebook avatar icon near the bottom of your screen.

Step #4: Tap on an Avatar sticker you like to add it to your comment – you can scroll to see other available stickers.

Step #5: Submit your post (tap on the arrow icon to post your comment).

Facebook Avatar Stickers

Note that you can also type a comment alongside the sticker before submission.

Let us know your experience with using the Facebook Avatar and Stickers in the comment section below.


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